Dávid Valovič is an artist and designer born in Slovakia. He graduated from the University of Art, Design and Architecture in Prague. For his artwork, he uses predominantly ceramics, porcelain, and glass; along with other innovative materials and techniques, such as magnetic liquid, ferrofluid, or volcanic glaze. He aims to take experimental paths and search for original solutions and options, both in fine arts and applied art.


 Erste Talent Display, Designblok, Prague (CZ), 2016 • NULA, Norma Space, Prague (CZ), 2016 • Metacraft, Mintshop Gallery, London (GB), 2017 • Bohemian Mud, London (GB), 2017 • Collect in Saatchi Gallery, London (GB), 2018 Shaping the Future, UPM, Prague (CZ), 2018 Firing, UM Gallery, Prague (CZ), 2019 Vulcanico, Nika Gallery, Prague (CZ), 2019 • Magneto, Nika Gallery, Prague (CZ), 2020 • DIPLOMA SELECTION product design winner, Designblok, Prague (CZ), 2021 • CZECH GRAND DESIGN, Discovery of the Year, Nominee 2022 (CZ) • Extruded Logo Vases, Swing Design Gallery, Benevento 2022 (IT) • Monument WAYSO?, Design & Transformation, Prague House, Brussels 2022 (BE) • Extruded Memories, The Artistic Design Festival Křehký, Mikulov 2022 (CZ) • Extruded Wavy Planters, UPM, Designblok, Prague 2022 (CZ) • TOK, ABC Gallery, Bratislava 2023 (SK)

Photo by Dávid Mathé

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